Inspired by the casino history

The best casino  is usually associated with a lot of money and bright lights; smart features to catch a big jackpot, a sense of excitement, passion and depravity.

Each such establishment hides a lot of secrets: how to organize the work of staff; what colors to use in interior design; how to get a person to increase the rates, many others. If you want to know more, before you will go and receive online casino bonus, read about all the secrets here.

In this article we will go over the main landmarks of the history of gambling, we will tell a lot of interesting facts and historical oddities.

Casino history

The story about the first casinos as a reason to be inspired

So, the first modern casino emerged in 17-18 centuries in Europe. The first gaming house opened in Venice, in spite of all the pleas and protests of the church; later the casino was opened in Paris to raise more money for the state treasury; in the 1860s, the tiny Monaco has experienced serious problems with the Treasury, and the only way to “rescue” was the opening of a network of gambling establishments.

By the way, it is very interesting to know how the designs of casinos have evolved, roulette was improved, “one-armed bandits” appeared, etc. It is today you can play without registration at the machines, but even a couple of centuries ago, it was difficult to imagine.

Roulette history. What it was, and what has become?

The term “Roulette” is derived from the French word, which translates as wheel. And there is even more interesting facts about casino games such as online keno/. The origin of this thing is not known. However, there are many legends. For example, it says:

• According to the most popular theory roulette was invented by Pascal, who tried to create perpetum mobile.

• Kings of France used the same wheel for “lots” and the court entertainments.

• Farmers in French provinces measured with roulette, what will be the year whether or not to plant vineyards or wheat.

The first wheel with a ball and special jacks was used in the 18th century in Europe and Asia. Back then the device was called “Howka” and only remotely resembled modern counterparts.