How to check if Live-casino is honest with its visitors

There are still suspicious players who doubt that the game is played in real time. So, how to check the integrity of a virtual casino? It’s very easy to do, enough to ask the dealer in chat to make you some sign – a smile, tilt his head or wave his hand. And to ensure the identity of the results, you can go in the same game at the same time from different computer or tablet. In addition, behind the dealer must be set the clock, so you can see that the game takes place in real time, or the TV, you can set up your TV on the same channel and monitor data synchronicity.What in games are available in online casinos for real money>?

Live-casino is honest with its visitors/></p>
<p>In modern casinos, live casino games – it certainly Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Caribbean Poker, Sic Bo, Dragon and Tiger, and others. Their peculiarity is that you play with a real dealer. Also, typically in a separate lobby tab, or on the website you can find for yourself slots game. Slots can be enjoyed along with live-game. The atmosphere of a live game is very pleasant. Reminiscent of a real casino, but not burdened with unnecessary sounds or people. You can with a few clicks to find the best live casino games that will relax, help you to win a decent amount of money and just enjoy a nice evening and the company. You can always play for real money or use the free mode. Last even available without registration. Many casinos have the opportunity to play at the casino with another currency (euros, rubbles, etc.). For fans of roulette, live casino provides maximum flexibility. “Wheel of Fortune” – the game is one of the oldest and most sought-after. The transition from the real version to the virtual, at first was not so good, but with the development of technology has turned out to arrange a game with a live dealer in every home where there is a connection to the internet network, which is already much more interesting.</p>
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