Famous sports stars who like the Casino

Starting his career at University of North Carolina Michael Jordan won the NCAA cup 1982 and some became a high-profile NBA star, charming the audience with his own unique style.

His jumping ability demonstrated in the dunking ability and his expertise at the free throw line, brought him the nickname “Air Jordan” and “his Air Majesty”. He also became known as one of the best defensive players in basketball.

Even though he was in a winning chain, Jordan suddenly decided to quit the sport after his father’s death and tried to make a baseball career. However, he got back in 1995 and helped the “Bulls” to win 3 more titles, while setting a new NBA record for 72 winning matches during one season. Eventually, he quitted the race for a short period again.

His second return to basketball Jordan explained with five words: “I just love this game.” And no one had a doubt about that. And obviously, he did not come back for the money. Because due to the NBA rules, Michael had to give up all of its shares in the club, and for two seasons in “Washington” he would receive a very modest salary of $ 1 million a year which he also decided to give to the victims of the September 11 attacks. “This tragedy has strengthened my desire to return to the pitch. I just had to dispel the sad thoughts of people, and show that Americans are not broken”, Jordan said.

Famous casino sports

Ten years after leaving the basketball court, Michael Jordan is one of the main figures in the world of big sport. These days, he owns an NBA club and continues to participate in world wide advertising campaigns, creating the new products for NIKE.

The second biggest passion after basketball for Michael is a casino. Poker is one of his favourite games which he is as good as at basketball. Rumors say that once Jordan spent the whole night playing poker and the following day played basketball without any difficulty. SuperLenny Internet Casino gives a perfect chance to master your poker and baccarat games abilities before starting a real game.

And it goes without any doubt that casino takes its leading positions among famous stars. And some of those even had a chance to win big sums of money. Another well-known basketball player who visits casino on occasion is Charles Barkley. Once he left there more than $10 million and he is not going to quit.

Another famous sportsman who adores spending his spare time in casino sipping whiskey is John Daly. Even though once he lost a great sum of money over the years.

And the last but not the least who is worth to be mentioned is Tiger Woods, one of the most famous golfers or sports people who ever lived infamously spent a lot of time in Las Vegas – MGM PGA. He often played huge stakes which lead to other issues.